Environmental Compliance Services

System O&M

Many systems incorporated into commercial/industrial processes require regular operation and maintenance (O&M). Our Technicians are highly trained in the O&M of environmental systems like oil water separators (OWS), fuel water separators (FWS), grease traps (GT), above ground and underground storage tanks (AST and UST), lift stations, and various other systems. Utilizing our specialized equipment such as pump trucks, vacuum trucks, pressure washers, steam washers, etc., we are able to service these units, diagnose and complete minor repairs, and maintain these units in good working condition ensuring our clients remain in compliance with various Federal, State and Local laws.

Industrial Janitorial

Industrial janitorial services are specialized cleaning crews certified and trained in the cleaning and upkeep of facilities impacted by contaminated media. Whether cleaning a small arms range or a complete coal fired power plant, ECC's technicians are certified and capable of completing our client's industrial facility cleaning.

CWA, CAA, Other Permit Required Compliance

Our clients maintain numerous permits requiring myriad of compliance activities, and our team is built to evaluate the permit requirements, develop a compliance plan, and implement compliance activities. Whether ensuring compliance with the Clean Water Act (CWA) by implementing the requirements of a Multi Sector General Permit, or evaluating Greenhouse Gas Emissions and reporting compliance with the Clean Air Act (CAA), or ensuring landfill monitoring is conducted in accordance with permit requirements, the ECC team is capable of supporting our client's most challenging permit compliance.