Materials Management

Used Oil Marketer

As a Used Oil Marketer, ECC applies these same Materials Management services to ourselves in the appropriation, processing, and distribution of Used Oil in Alaska. We manage 100's of 1,000s of gallons of used oil through our Materials and Waste Management services, bringing used oil to our Anchorage Headquarters where it is run through a low-temperature heating and filtration system to reduce the basic sediment and water (BS&W) content before being sold for energy recovery to industrial clients. Our process ensures only on-specification oil is accepted and processed at our facility, and all Used Oil sold is tied to a confirmation analytical sample illustrating the batch meets Oil Burning Specifications.

Overland Hauling

Our Materials Management Service Line includes providing clients full service materials transportation anywhere in the U.S. using our centrally located fleet of tractor-trailers in Oklahoma, and our Alaska fleet. Whether hauling client's goods to market, crude oil to refineries, or hazardous materials to client manufacturing centers, ECC's highly skilled drivers and modern fleet ensure safe Crude Oil and Goods Overland Hauling.

Recycling & Commodities

Our Recyclables and Commodities services include supporting the development and implementation of Qualified Recycling Programs for DOD installations including management of paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, and scrap metal recycling streams. We also divert commoditized items from client waste streams including recyclable batteries of various types, metals, and other recyclables. We also manage off-military-specification fuels which are used for energy recovery.